9 - Definite Integrals Properties Problems (2)

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In this video we use the properties to integrate complex functions easily.

$\color{red}{\text{Properties Of Definite Integrals }}$
$\color{red}{\text{Worked Out Problems}}$

$\color{purple}{\text{\Large\Listed Below }}$
$\color{red}{\text{The Problems Worked Out In This Video }}$
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$\int ^{\pi /2}_{0}\dfrac {\sqrt {\sin x}}{\sqrt {\sin x}+\sqrt {\cos x}}dx~~~~(Starts~ At~ 4:35)$

$\int ^{a}_{0}\dfrac {\sqrt {x}}{\sqrt {x}+\sqrt {a-x}}dx~~~~(Starts~ At~ 11:32)$

$\int ^{\dfrac {\pi }{2}}_{0}\log \tan xdx~~~~(Starts~ At~ 15:30)$

$\int ^{\dfrac {\pi }{4}}_{0}\log \left( 1+\tan \theta \right) d\theta~~~~(Starts~ At~ 20:50)$